About Us

The Ancient Middle East Education and Research Institute (AMEERI) is a non-profit organization that promotes broader public and scholarly understanding of our shared human experience that derives from the cultures and civilizations of the ancient Middle East. Home to some of the earliest developments in the arts and sciences, religion, and political organization, the ancient Middle East exerts an influence on contemporary societies around the world in ways that are still not fully recognized or understood.

Mission Statement

AMEERIā€™s mission is to make study of the ancient past and awareness of how it continues to shape our modern lives a normal part of public education and mainstream media.

Our Goals

  • Promote primary, secondary, and college-level education in the archaeology, anthropology, art history and history of the ancient Middle East, defined as the region of southwest Asia including the modern nations of Israel/Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and Iran
  • Develop curricula, teaching aids, books, and other materials in support of this educational mission
  • Promote the profile of archaeology and history among the general public through articles in news outlets (online and print) and public lectures
  • Conduct scientific archaeological fieldwork in the Middle East and disseminate the findings both in academic and popular publications thus enabling the most up-to-date studies on early human society in the Middle East available to the broadest popular and specialist audience
  • Engage in other activities that generate awareness and enthusiasm for research into the ancient human past and build appreciation for the ongoing nature of the past in our contemporary lives


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E-mail: info@ameeri.org

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